What We Do

  • Wide portfolio of services via five divisions
  • Synergy between divisions in terms of resources
  • Driven by people with requisite expertise and experiences

A Wide Portfolio of Services Enabling Logistics Success.
Over the last four decades, Matukdhari Enterprises has evolved to develop a range of capabilities. Today, we extend a host of services which include Freight Forwarding, Project Logistics, In-Plant Transportation and Rail Transportation, amongst others. Boasting of dedicated divisions with clear focus areas, Matukdhari Enterprises has thus established itself an active operator across these logistic domains. Appreciating the difference in capabilities demanded, each of these divisions are led by people with the right set of experiences and acumen. At the same time, these divisions share some very useful synergies in terms of fleet arrangements, network and best practices, thus tying them together to form a very strong and unified Matukdhari Enterprises.